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   100% Success Rate!          Guided Alligator Hunting

Louisiana Marsh Adventures specializes in wild alligator hunting only 35 minutes from New Orleans. We offer several different types of guided alligator hunts. All of our hunting guides are professionals with over 27 years experience alligator hunting and handling wild alligators.

Option 1:  Airboat Alligator Hunt. $750.00 per person.                   

This guided alligator hunt is for a minimum of two hunters and can accommodate a maximum of three hunters. Your alligator hunting guide will bring you into remote areas of the Louisiana wetlands as you hunt your prize alligator. Your professional alligator hunting guide will take you for the boat ride of your life as you run a set of alligator lines. Your alligator hunting guide will let you select the gator you want to shoot.  Customized hunts for single hunters are available. 

 Option 2:  Customized Alligator Hunt.

Louisiana Marsh Adventures will help you customize your guided alligator hunt. Single hunters, additional alligator, bait the lines, bow hunting, or what ever you want to add. Your alligator hunting guide will be ready to help you fulfill your customized alligator hunt. Please contact us for details.

Option 3: Package Alligator Hunts.

Louisiana Marsh Adventures offers several different guided alligator hunting packages. Please view our Alligator Hunting Packages page for more information.

Spectators:  $250.00 per person.  

Passengers wanting to experience the thrill of the guided alligator hunt, without killing an alligator, can ride along.

All alligator hunting participants must purchase a Louisiana Sport Helper's License. Nonresident's fee is $150.00. Resident's license fee is $25.00. The fee for the license is not included in the price of the alligator hunt. Louisiana Marsh Adventures will assist you in obtaining the proper license.

Participants must be a minimum of 18 yrs. of age or accompanied by an adult. No hunters under the age of 16 allowed unless prior arrangements are made.

Firearms are provided.

Life preservers, ear protection, eye protection and bottled water will be provided.

No alcoholic beverages or intoxicated passengers will be allowed on any of the alligator hunts or air boat tours.

Suggested items to bring along: sunscreen, insect repellent, camera, hats, rain gear, waterproof footwear.

Louisiana Marsh Adventures is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal items.

All Alligator Hunts and tours are subject to cancellation in the event of severe weather conditions.